SISTEMI OPERATIVI ONLINE (per liberarti per sempre da Windows)

  • AstraNOS - Picture Windows 98. Then picture an OS X dock. Then picture a night sky. Then throw them all together. You now have a pretty good picture of AstraNOS.
  • BeDesk - Basic wrapper for other online tools.
  • cmyOS - Free hosted webtop powered by eyeOS.
  • Desktoptwo - Not only do you get 1GB of space, you get a fully-featured suite. No, not a basic online editor that has simple formatting options. The full 2.0 suite from Sun, converted into a Java applet.
  • DoxBoard - Slick WebOS with some basic features.
  • GCOE X - Nice WebOS with a powerful terminal and support for the iPhone.
  • eyeOS - Beautiful webtop powered by the eyeOS software.
  • Glide - Online operating system with support for BlackBerry, Palm, Windows Mobile, Symbian and iPhone users.
  • - With 3GB of space, FTP access, and Zoho Office support, what's not to like?
  • goowy - Great webtop with your own email account (, IM, 1GB of space (via, and much more.
  • jooce - Slick invite-only online OS.
  • mybooo - Invite-only webtop with a ton of features.
  • myGoya - Nice WebOS with PIM features, a media player, and much more.
  • OOS - Basic online operating system that offers a personal webpage.
  • Parakey - Not much is known about Blake Ross's newest invention, but we do know that Facebook liked it enough to purchase it for an undisclosed sum.
  • Psych Desktop - GPLed webtop with a powerful UNIX-like console.
  • Purefect Desktop - Web desktop with a powerful IDE.
  • SSOE - Flash-based webtop a lot of features.
  • StartForce - Powerful WebOS with tons of apps and features makes the descendant of Orca Desktop a hit.
  • Xindesk - File sync, a powerful API, and much more are included in this great WebOS.
  • Webdesk - This Indian webtop includes 1GB of space, POP3 client, PIM, and a nice modules API.
  • Webdows - We don't know how long it will take Microsoft to sue these guys, but it's a real enjoyment in the meantime. It has XP and Vista styles (including a few Vista effects), FTP, file sharing, IM, and much more.
  • Widgets Gadgets - AJAX desktop with tons of apps and a working API.
  • YouOS - File sharing, powerful shell, and 700+ applications are all available with this wildly popular operating system.
  • ZimDesk - Slick WebOS with tons of apps.
Self-Hosted WebOS
  • eyeOS - One of the most popular webtops on the planet, eyeOS boasts tons of apps, a booming community, and a lot more features.
  • Fenestela - There's still quite a few bugs to be ironed out in this French WebOS, but you get a cool XP interface and basic PHP apps.
  • Psych Desktop - GPLed desktop with a powerful UNIX-like console.
  • Purefect Desktop - Web desktop with a powerful IDE.
  • Virtual-OS - Includes powerful API, web server sync, forum integration, and offline AJAX support.
  • ZKDesktop - Powerful open source Java-based WebOS.
Remote Desktops
  • DesktopOnDemand - A fully featured Linux-based desktop with Gnome, Gaim, AbiWord, Evolution, GIMP, WebDAV, VNC, web login, and much more.
  • Free Live OS Zoo - Java applet
  • Nivio - Subscription-based ($12.99/month) service that offers Windows XP, Adobe Reader, iTunes, Google Talk/aMSN/Windows Live Messenger,, Thunderbird, Nvu, and much more. All through a Java-based web interface.